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New Beginnings

There is something special about a new beginning. A first kiss, your first car, or the first time you visited a foreign country. Everyone can remember their first day in a new job, a new house or apartment that you moved into, or perhaps the day you got married or the birth of a child.

Whatever the fond memory, new beginnings can be very exciting.

There are also anxious moments that go along with many “firsts.” There is the fear of the unknown, rejection, increased responsibility, or other uncomfortable feelings that accompany many new events we experience. Any time we set out to accomplish greater things in this ride called “Life,” worrisome thoughts tend to permeate our minds and bring about feelings of fear and trepidation.

Many people associate the start of a new year with wiping the slate clean and creating a new you. It’s very common for people to sit down on January 1st and contemplate the changes they intend to make in the coming year. Beginning a new year can be very exciting if you place it in the correct perspective. Regardless of what lies ahead, if you can forget what is behind and press forward into the newness of a fresh start it can be very exciting. One way to experience this fresh start is through resolutions as you set out to make significant changes in your life.

Some of the age-old resolutions people use are losing weight or to exercise regularly, to develop more nutritional eating habits, or to finally quit smoking. A favorite goal for many is to read through the Bible during the coming year or to be more faithful in their quiet time with the Lord. Some people choose to do something exciting like planning a trip to an exotic place or transforming an area of their home. For me, I want to create an expansive and inviting area in my backyard this year where friends and family can gather.

It doesn’t really need to be anything big. It could just be something like reading a new book each month or opening a savings account or paying off debt. You can resolve to relax more in the coming year by taking weekend family outings or spending more time at the beach. Perhaps you want to start a new hobby or re-connect with an old friend. Maybe you will now take the time to write that novel you have been contemplating or begin journaling to capture your thoughts and feelings.

This was once my new beginning. I began to jot down my thoughts about nine years ago and am now sharing these personal musings with the world. Scary? Sure. However, these works that I publish for all to see are the real me. It's a "what you see is what you get" type of deal. And I have chosen to do this in hopes my words will positively impact the lives of others and I care not about any negative comments brought on by my critics.

Just as I ponder the good year that was 2022, I am excited that 2023 will be an even greater year in every aspect of my life. As another New Year’s Day is not guaranteed for any of us, I strive to see each new sunrise as a blessing and thank God for extending my days.

Whatever the case, my prayer for you is that the dreams or desires you possess and the yearning to experience something fresh, new, and exciting will become a priority for you in the coming year. That you would believe in yourself, take that step of faith, and make it happen, leaving behind the days of being concerned with what others think. Don’t just sit here and ponder what could be, get out there and make it happen! Make this YOUR year!

“Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness,” Lamentations 3:22-23 (NIV)

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