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How Big Is Your Windshield?

Life is often described as a long road trip complete with fast interstates, twisting back roads, unexpected detours, and occasional potholes. And just like in driving, in life, it's vitally important that we focus more on what lies ahead through the windshield rather than what's visible in the rearview mirror. But why is the windshield so large, and the rearview mirror so comparatively small? It’s an elegant yet powerful metaphor for how we should navigate our lives.


The windshield of a car is tall and wide, designed to give the driver an unobstructed view of the road ahead. It’s about preparation and anticipation, helping us see what’s coming so we can react appropriately, make strategic decisions on the go, and maintain forward-focused movements. On the other hand, the rearview mirror, while essential, is much smaller and serves a different purpose. It’s there for taking quick glances into our past—to see what's behind us without dwelling on it, to ensure that we're aware of our surroundings, and most importantly, to learn from what has already passed without letting it dominate our view or our journey.


This principle is perfectly applicable to our lives. Our past—our mistakes, heartbreaks, failures, and regrets—is akin to the scenery whizzing by as we drive. They are behind us, smaller and smaller as we move forward, still a part of our journey, yes, but not what defines our path from here on out. If you continually stare into the rearview mirror while driving, you’ll inevitably crash—you can't move forward effectively if your eyes are locked on what's behind you. Your future, the road ahead viewed through your windshield, is what matters most. It’s large because it’s filled with possibilities, a canvas waiting for you to paint with your actions and decisions.


So, I ask you, “How big is your windshield?” Is it wide and clear, offering you a panoramic view of all the opportunities and mysteries that the future holds? Or is it somewhat obstructed, clouded by the dust and debris of past circumstances? Knowing that you hold the power to clean it off, widen it further, and focus on the expansive view it offers, can be both empowering and transformative.


Every choice you make, every risk you take, and every opportunity you seize propels you down the road. Over time, you’ll travel miles from where you've started—miles from the person you were, towards the person you’re aiming to be. The brilliance of the windshield is not only in showing us what's coming but reminding us of our ability to meet it head-on, to prepare, and to adjust. It grants us permission to leave what’s behind and embrace the potential of what’s to come.


Reflect on those moments when you've made choices that seemed insignificant at the time. Every turn, every stop, and every acceleration has led you to where you are now. And from this point forward, you can choose which roads to take and how fast you want to go. The winding roads of your future hold no bounds; your journey is unlimited. The scenery ahead? It’s yours to determine.


The rearview mirror will always be there. It’s OK to glance back, remember the lessons you’ve learned, consider how your past decisions inform your future ones. Yet, the crucial skill to cultivate is knowing how—when those glances are sufficient and when to refocus on the road ahead. This skill, this focus on the bright future ahead, ensures your journey is productive and fulfilling.


Remember, the real magic happens when you look through that big windshield and tell yourself: "From this day forward, I steer my course." Think bigger, dream grander, and dare mightier. Your past might explain who you were, but your future holds the pen to who you become. 


Embrace the view. Fill your windshield with visions of your wildest aspirations and let it guide you to horizons anew. The journey ahead, filled with its untold stories, adventures, and learning, is orchestrated by your hands and governed by your heart's compass. Cultivate courage, nurture ambition, and foster resilience.


The size of your windshield ultimately comes down to your perspective, your willingness to focus on what’s ahead and to minimize the distractions of what’s behind. The future stretches out like the open road—vast, inviting, and vibrant. It’s yours to travel. As you press the gas pedal, feel the engine of your potential roar, set your sights through that grand windshield, and drive confidently into the life you choose to create. After all, there’s a big, beautiful world out there, just waiting to be explored through your ever-expanding view.


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