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Updated: May 26

When we were young and playing games with our friends, it was common, when things did not go as planned, to ask for a do-over. It wasn't so much as asking, as it was stating, "I want a do-over." The weak ground ball we hit that didn’t go past the pitcher’s mound, or the poor performance at recess when you got the one chance in kickball, or falling down during your first try at hopscotch or jump rope.

Even as adults, we will call a “mulligan” on the golf course when playing a casual round with friends. Or when no one is looking, we’ll move the ball to an area of the rough to have an easier shot to the green. We don’t call it cheating, it’s just giving us another, better, opportunity to perform at a higher level. A second chance, if you will.

Isn't it great that we get the opportunity every day to have a do-over from what happened yesterday?

When the sun came up this morning, it came with a clean, fresh, slate on which to paint a masterpiece, or create something new and beautiful. Today is a new day, and we get to make changes to practically anything that we choose with this new-found opportunity. No matter what area of our lives we look to create change, the best place I believe to start is with our attitudes. If we are to fundamentally change our direction in life it is vital that we choose a positive attitude.

We must bring a new perspective to the day and cast off all doubts and feelings that held us back yesterday. We must train ourselves to look forward to the opportunities before us rather than the missed, or wasted ones, in our past. This can be challenging, to say the least, especially if you are going through a situation that involves circumstances outside of your control. Your thoughts, however, are more or less within your control, and should be captured, examined, and altered, to get you headed in the right direction.

Once we have transformed our outlook, we can then prioritize the changes that need to be made to our circumstances. Obviously, we want to make significant changes to the most important areas of our life, however, it might be better to make the simple, effective changes first rather than dealing with the more challenging, complex changes. Baby steps.

Moving forward is the measuring stick. What are you doing today that is getting you closer to where you want to be? What stumbling blocks or hurdles can you cast off to increase your chances of success? Who is it you need to stop listening to, or spending time with, in order to keep the positivity flowing? Only you have the answers to these critical questions. You hold the key to your future, and today can be the day you unlock the door that is keeping you from peace, joy, and happiness.

Any positive change that takes place will encourage additional choices to be made; some more challenging than others. When we start to see the benefits of our simple, effective changes, we will be thrust forward with positive momentum to attack the more significant areas of our lives. We will then possess the confidence to achieve virtually everything we set out to do, and not allow anything to get in our way.

With this new mindset, we will be in a position to achieve more than we could ever think or imagine and can realize all of our dreams and desires.

And all of this will start with the fact that we "choose" to have a do-over.

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